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The TSI team developed a fully integrated ERP Solution targeted at the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market. We have always believed in a combination Best of Breed and Full Integration, building our knowledge base for optimal system development on the experience gained during the implementation of approximately 200 business system implementations. The TSI system was designed on business fundamentals, utilizing industry standard development tools and integrated with industry standard interfaces. This approach provides our customers a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our integrated solution,TRISYSV1.21 (system demo available on request), incorporates the complete suite of business functions and processes, including industry-leading enhancements across the extended supply chain. (Click Examples to view a cross-section of TRISYS product functionality) TRISYS is structured across four solution domains; Demand, Enterprise, Supply and Intelligence

Demand Management

Sales and Order Management
Order Process
With TRISYS, businesses can manage orders more cost effectively through real-time visibility of all relevant resources to process orders. Additionally, employees can simply click through the process while the system will automatically look up and complete relevant contract information, product promotions and special pricing deals, advancing customer service to the highest levels of excellence.  

Enable sales representatives to process orders with future release dates, with the ability to also allocate or reserve inventory for important orders with just one click, saving future time while increasing service efficiency. Also offering service teams the ability to track order processing with up to date information such as placing of orders, shipping, billing, profitability and sales analysis.

TRISYS is implemented with a standard set of real-time analytics to ensure that all sales activity in the system can be analyzed both horizontally and vertically in terms of time, revenue and profitability by customer and/or product across any or all system indicators. As a result, you achieve agility and speed to enable informed business decisions.

The integrated business process ensures that warehouse staff is alerted automatically to draw inventory so that orders move rapidly from front to back-office, enabling a timely, efficient order fulfillment cycle while managing customer satisfaction at the highest levels.

Exception reporting alerts management to potential operational breaches to ensure that problems don’t perpetuate through the system but that it is resolved expeditiously to minimize sub-optimal financial performance. 

Order management streamlines the end-to-end fulfillment process, reducing waste in the business to enable your staff to deal with business critical functions like selling and customer service excellence.

Today, customers demand fast, effective service. Real-time information enables them to ascertain immediately what inventory is available, track their back-orders, enquire on past purchases and determine when new inventory will be arriving. Order promising

Everything in TRISYS service excellence is built around customers and order fulfillment. It is accounted for throughout the system; ensuring that distribution requirements planning, procurement and manufacturing systems deliver on just in time principles so that customers ultimately receive what they need when they need it, i.e. reliable, predictable and accurate.

Flexible, innovative and functional pricing options ensure that every product, every customer, or any combination of the two can have its own price or discount hierarchy to balance optimal customer service excellence with highest achievable profit margin to ensure sustained customer loyalty. Complex pricing is dramatically simplified and can take the form of specific time-based contracts, promotions, volume discounts, and product or customer specific standard discounts.

Sales and Billing Separation
Sales are reported when and where incurred while billing could be consolidated in a centralized billing account structure to simplify and expedite collections.

Job and Project Tracking
Service delivery is a core requirement to TRISYS customer relationship management, jobs and projects can be tracked and remains linked to the customer order in real-time. TRISYS enables you manage multiple types of jobs and projects, including time and materials, fixed price, and cost plus percentage in a single fully integrated system.

Forecasts are either maintained manually or can be system generated.

Sales Budgets
Sales budgets are established by sales rep, customer account and/or product by volume, revenue and/or cost.

Reps Commissions/Incentive Management
TRISYS automates reps commission processing; reduces the complexity and disillusionment often associated with disparate commission systems. TRISYS ensures that paperwork is completely eliminated and that rep sales and rep commissions are directly connected. Commissions are visible to reps and can be tracked in real-time by reps and their managers during the month to facilitate issue resolution as and when it arises.

TRISYS schedules complex commission structures based on current business processes; based on quantity sold, net sales, type of product sold, profitability of the product sold, or simply based on the ratio of target achieved.

Customer Self Service
Integrated order processing can be adapted to ensure that customers with the correct security clearance are able to self-service; place new orders, or enquire on past activity. This means that customers could have 24/7 global access to selected order management functions.

Sales Kits/Bill-of-Material
Sales kits can be set up for sales with either a fixed price, cumulative or on a cost-plus percentage basis.


Enterprise Management

Financial Management

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
TRISYS offers full financial visibility into payables and receivables with real-time access to both processed and outstanding invoices and payments.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Advanced Reporting
Allows flexible setup of standard or ad hoc reports

Integrated with Demand and Supply Management

Advanced Billing
TRISYS's order processing system enables contract billing for sales over a contract term.

Multi-currency Transactions and Reporting
TRISYS allows multi-currency.

Project Accounting
TRISYS allows project/job creation when specific services are sold and track all activity on tasks.

Accounts Payable
TRISYS integrates accounts payable (AP) processes with inventory receipts and purchase orders. It facilitates check processing and payment processes that ensure discounts are accounted for, and bills are paid on schedule. Supplier payments can be automated or manually processed.

Accounts Receivable
Cut your accounts receivable (AR) DSO with TRISYS. Track outstanding invoices and receive notification when days or balances exceed predetermined parameters. Dunning notes aid your collection efforts. Flexible financial account management options enable tracking invoices to track whether a check is for multiple invoices, or to consolidate multiple accounts under a single corporate account.

General Ledger
The general ledger provides highly flexible standard or advanced user-setup on-demand financial statements, slicing and dicing reporting and analysis in virtually unlimited ways. Financial reports are available on demand with drill-down features to enable access to historical information for on demand auditing. The real-time general ledger also simplifies monthly and year-end closing procedures. 


Supply Management

In supply chain management, it is essential to have more accurate inventory information available on demand in real-time to optimize inventory turnover, reduce costs, and ultimately satisfy customer demand.

TRISYS enables complete end-to-end visibility they need to track inventory effectively. Buyers use these data to make effective and more informed buying decisions to carry optimal inventory levels to exactly meet customer demand. Additionally, with real-time inventory indicators, staff can track all data that impacts inventory, such as sales orders, transactions, reserved or allocated stock, adjustments and supplier accounts to improve productivity through rapid informed decision making.

TRISYS bin management capabilities improve inventory management in the warehouse. Bin management allows for inventory to be received at the warehouse and stored in assigned bins in the warehouse for picking during the order fulfillment process.

Materials/Inventory Management

Inventory is at the core a distributor’s business. TRISYS differentiates itself in managing this critical investment with advanced functionality to maximize return on investment (ROI), customer service excellence and sales revenue. TRISYS enables you to balance demand and supply resources optimally through advanced working capital management. Superior inventory replenishment processes offer flexibility to lower carrying costs, reduce excess or eliminate obsolete inventory, improve cash flow, and increase customer service levels.

Central or Local Administration
Inventory management can be set up as either a local or centralized function. In the centralized model, all inventory updates are submitted as requests to central control for approval and action.

TRISYS offers both manual purchase orders processing or fully automated low-cost, high-control purchasing. Purchasing staff is presented with a suggested order reports once reorder points have been reached in the advanced distribution requirements planning system. Once changes, additions, and/or deletions are completed, the purchase order is approved and automatically generated. 

Advanced purchasing is integrated with replenishment systems to enable simplified one-click acceptance or easy overrides if required. In a multi-location environment, inventory management can be centralized with either real or virtual regional distribution center capability, enabling you to reduce overall inventory levels.

Buyer budgeting for product purchases by supplier enables advanced analysis, planning and reporting to determine performance against plan and projections of future purchases.

Inventory Counts
Inventory counts are expedited with highly effective rapid counting processes, while cycle counting features ease of operation for fast confirmation of inventory holdings for selected categories or specific products.

Warehouse Management
TRISYS incorporates several features to manage warehouse activities cost effectively. These include receiving, picking, inventory adjustments, cycle counts, bin location and integration with order processing. Integration ensures that warehouse data are automatically generated and processed within the original dataset, saving time and eliminating errors.

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
TRISYS optimizes inventory levels through multi-year horizontal requirements planning for single and multi-location distribution organizations. TRISYS distribution requirements planning (DRP) process will either utilize the existing sales forecast or will utilize forecast methods best suited to specific types of product categories to generate forecasts to calculate inventory requirements over a user selected time horizon. It will automatically generate recommended purchase requisitions for user action (acceptance, modification or rejection), which can be turned into purchase orders and inventory transfers dependent on user selected action.

TRISYS can be utilized in multi-location environments to centralize inventory consolidation for bulk purchasing or if preferred utilized by a specific location for its own inventory purchases. TRISYS DRP’s preferred route functionality enables distributors to meet their inventory planning requirements while effectively managing inventory transportation and carrying costs.

Utilizing recognized forecasting methods, TRISYS accounts for seasonal trends to maintain optimal inventory levels. Further, historical data and inventory reorder points are used to calculate reorder levels. Inventory factors like lead time, historical data or forecasted demand, economic order quantity (EOQ), desired customer service level, maximum and minimum levels are incorporated automatically to ensure that optimum inventory levels are maintained per product. Regardless of the automation available, the responsible user has the final word in whether or not the system maintains optimal key factors automatically or whether the process is managed manually.

TRISYS DRP allows distributors to view the anticipated inventory position of an item over an extended time horizon to facilitate planning and investment modeling for future needs.

Advanced Inventory Re-Balancing
TRISYS offers distributors an advanced internal inventory replenishment system for accurate, cost-effective inventory rebalancing across multiple locations that ensures optimal inventory levels are maintained both individually and collectively while increasing customer service levels.

Scientific Inventory Management
SIM utilizes formulae that incorporate factors like setup cost, carrying rate, smoothing, safety factor and safety stock for optimizing inventory across its life-cycle.

Surplus Inventory Reduction
Identifies and enables management of excess inventory through advanced analysis, service levels, valuations, responsibility assignment, work packages and progress tracking.

Supersession Control
TRISYS manage supersessions to ensure that only valid new codes are used

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
TRISYS enables control over the material requirements process. It produces the material requirements plan to ensure that raw material and all component parts or supplies are available for production to meet the plan while optimizing inventory levels for improved manufacturing efficiency.

TRISYS’s fully-integrated MRP functionality performs horizontal requirements planning for single location as well as multi-location manufacturing operations. TRISYS calculates inventory requirements over a selected time horizon and automatically generates purchase requisitions for component parts and tentative production schedules for manufactured items. Buyers and material planners can review recommended purchase requisitions to release these as purchase orders and/or generate internal transfers to satisfy the overall inventory and production plan to meet demand while minimizing inventory management costs.

Shipping & Receiving
TRISYS monitor incoming and outgoing products, whether shipments against orders or receipts from a purchase order to a job or into inventory. All actions regarding shipments and receipts can be performed and tracked. Transaction processing is efficient and easy to use, while tight automated system integration ensures accuracy.

Upon receipt of purchase orders, warehouse staff can retrieve and either receive the whole order or receive individual items. Integration ensures that inventory levels are automatically adjusted to ensure accurate real-time balances across the organization.

Automated Payments
TRISYS enable invoice receipt and purchase order matching within certain tolerances so that the Accounts Payable department can investigate the exceptions and/or approve supplier invoices for payment.

Costing and Price Modeling
Due to the complexity of international sourcing and local regulatory expenses, TRISYS price modeling software enables management to model selling prices while accounting for all factors that may impact the cost of an item. To account for outbound and inbound handling costs, freight and broker charges, and international taxes to consider, calculating the total cost of an item has become a critical factor to ensure landed costs are calculated accurately to ensure that product profitability is never compromised, regardless of the cost of sourcing the product.

Vendor Access
TRISYS can provide vendors with direct access to approved information relevant to your agreement, including purchase orders, accounts payable data, and historical data.


Work Order Management

TRISYS work orders simple management of the build process for production work orders to replenish inventory levels or special work orders to customer specifications.

TRISYS enable production work orders that account for assemblies that need to be built to increase inventory. Upon completion, the stock level of the assembly item is increased and the finished goods are available for sales orders.

TRISYS automatically calculates reorder points and preferred stock levels, enabling manufacturers to determine the time and quantity when reordering components based on work orders. Raw materials are committed to a work order as available.

Production Planning & Control

TRISYS Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Able to maintain a BOM for each finished item
  • Utilize virtual BOMs to track critical components of subassemblies

TRISYS Production Planning & Control Overview: Standard Features:

  • Recommended work orders
  • Work order management
  • Capacity planning
  • Work order completion
  • Editable sales order production list
  • Manual production entries
  • Extended workbench
  • Combined production
  • Service processing

Business Intelligence

TRISYS BI features fully-integrated data warehouse and business intelligence tools for sophisticated reporting and analytical processing. TRISYS’s business intelligence capabilities include analytical drill-down functionality on multiple dimensions and business metrics (sales revenue, profit margins, etc.). TRISYS BI provide business executives and managers immediate access to information for strategic decision-making

  • Customer Profitability
  • Product Profitability
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Lost Sales Analysis
  • Customer Buying Trend Analysis



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